Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Just today, I typed on Google the word handyman, and I received pictures of Doctors, photographers etc. I guess in their defense, they too use their hands for the services they provide. The issue with finding the right handyman for your Philadelphia home improvement projects lies in the fact that anyone that can lift their hands claims that they are a handy man.

Finding a good handy man that can get the job done, efficiently and cost effective is like trying to find the right partner that will understand you; a person who will stick with you and not leave when things gets tough.

In this blog, we will talk about five essential thing you need to verify before hiring a handyman. Although we cannot tell you what to do in a single blog, but we can provide information that can make your decision making process easier.

1. Make a list

Before hiring a handyman in Philadelphia PA or anywhere else, make sure you compile a list of repairs that you need done. This is very important because;

A. It saves you time; you do not want to waste your time by going back and forth with your handy man.

B. You also want to respect your handyman’s time as well, and this will help them work efficiently.

C. It saves you money; if you have a lot of things to fix, your handy man might offer discounts to lower your final charge.

2. Get a Quote

It is important you know what you are paying for, how much you are paying, and how long it will take for the handyman to complete the services requested. You do not want he say she says when you are working with a handyman. You want a concise communication. Believe me this will save you headache on the long run.

3. Check for experience.

Make sure that the handyman you hire is experienced, and that he or she has the skills needed to complete your project. Like I said previously, everyone is a handyman but not anyone can be the handyman for you. Thanks to reviews, it’s now easier than ever to check the credibility of a company. However be careful when using this method, because not all reviews are true. You can also ask for pictures of previous works completed by the handyman to see if they appeal to you or check for local references. Again this method is nice, but still need caution for pictures can also be edited.

4. Check for Insurance.

Hiring an insured handyman protects you and your property from any mayhem that may befall during the completion of your project.

5. Get a service contract.

Having a service agreement is a must have when hiring a handyman. Don’t take this step lightly regardless of how small your project is. A service agreement is like insurance for you and your handyman and will help everyone understand what is expected. It includes payments, scope of services etc. Be sure to read your service contract to know what is included and if you are in agreement with it.

Finally, there is never a good reason to hire a bad and inexperienced handyman. Do your research and we hope these five must haves, help you along the way to finding a great handyman in the Philadelphia area and beyond.

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